Gester has set up an innovative R & D team with 10 technicians and a well-equipped machine work center.

Our warehouse is equipped with domestic and foreign well-known brands accessories. The strict management of access to our warehouse ensures fast production of equipment and reliable product quality. Our two production and assembly workshops efficiently complete the assembly and testing of entire machines. Semi-finished product storage is used for storing processed sheet metal and machine parts to ensure quick and easy assembly in mass production and customization. The periphery of our exportable packaging wooden boxes are filled with foam to prevent the machine from being damaged during transport.

  • Raw materials and accessories warehouse
  • Raw materials storage area

Machining workshop mainly carries out production of machinery hardware and parts and modification of the purchased machine parts.

  • Machining production line
  • Parts processing by tapping machine

Our workshop is furnished with 2 milling machines, 1 lathe, 1 tapping machine, 1 bench drilling machine, 1 grinder and 1 chamfering machine.

  • Parts processed by milling machine
  • Welding of sheet metal

Our equipment adopts globally branded accessories (CHNT, DELIXI, Panasonic, SKF, NSK, etc.). The accessories warehouse covers an area of 45 square meters. We have strict management system to control the parts’ access to storage and delivery.

  • Parts warehouse
  • Taking inventory of incoming parts

Semi-finished products area is used for storing semi-finished machines that haven’t been assembled yet, and it facilitates future assembly of the semi-finished equipment. The warehouse in workshop is used for storing sheet metal parts and spare parts that have been processed outwardly and have passed acceptance.

  • Semi-finished products storage area
  • Checking and taking inventory of parts

The 200-square-meter production workshop majorly completes assembly of the entire machine, including the assembly carried out by bench worker and assembly of electrical parts. Bench workers finish assembly of sheet metal, machine parts and the purchased hardware and accessories. Finally the electrical system is installed.

  • Production workshop
  • Assembly shop

After assembly and debugging, the machines are sent to QC department for the second test. They will be put in storage after passing the test.

  • Finished equipment debugging
  • Debugging and test of abrasion and pilling tester

The equipment is placed in the middle of the wooden box. The periphery of exportable packaging wooden boxes is filled with foam to prevent the machine damage in the transport.

  • Finished products storage area
  • Delivery of finished equipment
Product Videos
  • Show Room
  • Textile testing instrument
  • Footwear testing equipment
  • Children products testing equipment
  • Furniture testing instrument